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A brief intermission……

Posted on July 7, 2020

Normal service will soon be resumed, but for a few weeks, I’ll be concentrating on the more trivial area of my writing – football. It doesn’t mean that, like all of us, I’m any more satisfied with this lazy, deceitful government and its handling of the pandemic….I’m just taking a temporary break while I promote Hugging Strangers and continue to work on another book about football and Covid.

Hugging Strangers is out on 27th July and available from all bookselling outlets. Some of you have been complimentary about my style (and some not, of course) so even if you’re not a football fan, you may like it. I hope so! I’ll be back with the politics soon.

Hugging Strangers

6 responses to “A brief intermission……”

  1. stevebrenman says:

    Best of luck with it Jon

  2. Uwe Ahrens says:

    I’ll try to get hold of it immediately. I remember ’66 and Brazil 2014 (amongst others). Uwe

  3. Uwe Ahrens says:

    Funny, I mean not funny, of course, just after writing my previous comment I read that Jackie Charlton died. There they go…

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